Apple adapted MacBook Pro/Air in Vietnam in 2023

Since yesterday, the Chinese government has taken the opposite course to its previous health measures and is calling for a return to normal with great media support, encouraging nationals – even positive ones – to return to work. But faced with the uncertainties of local production, Apple had accelerated the relocation of its sites in India but also in Vietnam. We learn today that MacBooks (Pro/Air?) will be manufactured in the latter a priori from May 2023. There is even talk of manufacturing the next Mac Pro there. Analysts Say COVID-19 Disruption in iPhone City Will Cost the Company almost a billion dollars a week. It was therefore impossible – even for Apple – not to look for a plan B. Many questions arose regarding the planned production volumes. Currently, Cupertino manufactures between 20 million and 24 million MacBooks in China each year, and Vietnamese production is unlikely to break records in 2023, even if it marks another step in the reorganization of production.

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