Apple: 2023 could be a tough year for the iPhone

While the end of 2022 has already been difficult for the iPhone, Apple should again face obstacles in the production of its smartphones in 2023. The pandemic is on the rise again in China, which will strongly impact the manufacturer’s Foxconn factories and severely curtail production in the coming months.

If the end of the year was already complicated for Apple to produce iPhones, the year 2023 will be just as complicated according to a Financial Times report.

According to the American media, the apple brand will once again have to face a peak in Covid-19 contaminations in China, which will heavily affect the production of iPhones in its factories, in particular that of Zhengzhou (Foxconn).

Several difficult months in 2023 for Apple

Obtaining certain iPhone models at Christmas must have been a real obstacle course for some consumers. Indeed, delivery times had lengthened considerably in certain regions due to the Covid-19 pandemic which is still very present in China, and the Phone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max being the main victims.

Blame it on the very strict “zero-Covid” policy deactivated by the Chinese government to fight against the spread of the virus. But while the government has eased the rules in force, in particular to relaunch production lines in factories including those of Apple, the cases of contamination are spreading more and more in the country.

A new threat therefore for the firm of Tim Cook and its iPhone, especially since 90% of iPhones are now made in China. And this threat is already being felt since to date it is necessary to wait a minimum of 10 days to receive an iPhone 14 Pro or 14 Pro Max in France (delivery scheduled between January 5 and 12 for an order made this Monday, December 26 ). But in the United States, the delays are even longer and around 23 days, according to a study conducted by USB, a Swiss bank.

A difficult situation for Apple, especially during this holiday season conducive to very good sales. And despite its efforts by the firm to ensure a sustained production rate, the brand will have to face other obstacles for several months next year, such as the Chinese New Year in addition to the pandemic. In all, between 5 and 15 million fewer iPhones would be produced in the coming months.

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