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If wireless headphones from Sony, Bang & Olufsen or even Bose are regularly advertised as the best in their field, they are clearly not the most popular. In fact, all the studies published over the past three years have shown that AirPods are the undisputed market leaders. Today, there are four models still on sale on the Apple Store: the second generation, the third generation, the AirPods Max and the AirPods Pro 2.

It is to this last pair that our colleagues from What HiFi?which we have already seen in action in the past during a test of the classic version released in October 2021. In a new article, the journalist

The AirPods Pro compared with the… AirPods Max!

About the second generation AirPods Pro, Anderson explains that he imagined this duo like a helmet »AirPods Max in [votre] cover“. A qualifier of choice for the headsets, which are about twice as affordable as their hoop cousin: 299 euros against 629 euros.

AirPods Max © Rémi Lou / JDG

Among the justifications behind this assertion, the audio specialist assures that the AirPods Pro of 2022 know how to behave differently depending on the context. For example, these won’t play sound the same way if you watch a series on your TV via the Apple TV or if you just do it on the much more compact screen of an iPhone. In addition, Andersen believes that it has done sufficient work to ensure the same level of quality regardless of the listening volume. Do you also find that the music sounds good, at maximum and at minimum? We are interested in your opinion, but just remember to play with this setting with some caution to avoid damage.

Price and availability

The second generation AirPods Pro are available at most tech retailers such as Fnac, Cdiscount or Amazon. There are some serious Black Friday deals going on right now. Apple specifies what you need commander before 22 December to be sure to receive your pair in time under the tree.

AirPods Pro 2 at the best price Base price: €299

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