An Apple computer sold at auction for the equivalent of 30 years of minimum wage

Update December 17, 2022: the auction has taken place and the final price of the machine has reached $442,118, much more than the $375,000 announced by the experts.

If you don’t know what to do with your hundreds of thousands of euros asleep in your bank accounts, go to RR Auction. The American auction organization is currently offering a sale of a historic Apple object. The latter could reach more than $375,000 according to experts in the field.

Collectors will snap it up

Why such a price tag? Because it is a rare piece, an Apple-1 computer numbered by the hand of Steve Jobs himself. This is the 78th copy of only 200 produced by the ex-CEO of Apple and his sidekick Steve Wozniak from 1976.

© RR Auction

In addition to its historical character, which should be of interest to any fan of history and technology, the PC offered for sale has been restored by Corey Cohen, an expert in the restoration of electronic devices. Thanks to his work, the machine is to this day functionally functional. The defective technician also rated the condition of the beast at 8.5 on a scale of 0 to 10, 10 being new or near condition, 0 being the worst state of wear.

Steve Jobs Apple Computer 1 logic board

© RR Auction

This Apple-1, copy 78, has already been sold at auction in the past. It was in 2018 that its current owner won the right to take it home, against $375,000.

Currently, the auctions have already exceeded the $240,000. You should know that several Apple-1s have already been sold at auction in recent years, including one at $130,000 and another at $815,000. In reality, everything depends on the condition of the machine as well as the documents and specifications that accompany it, expert certificates, special details (signature of Steve Jobs for example), additional accessories provided, etc.

If you are required, go to the RR Auction website (in source) without delay, the auction for this Apple-1 #78 ends on next December 15. - Official App – Official App

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