AirTag: Apple’s spy more easily detectable


AirtagApple’s “snitch” more easily detectable

Apple has finally detailed the new features contained in the updates recently deployed on its object tracers.

The AirTag was launched in 2021.


Apple seems to have reacted to the various miscellaneous facts involving his AirTag. These Bluetooth tags for locating personal items such as house keys have been the subject of several complaints in the United States, but also in Swiss. Launched in 2021, this small round accessory has indeed been hijacked several times by users. They used it as a snitch to track the movements of people, especially women, whom they wanted to track without their knowledge.

Since November, Apple has rolled out two new updates. But so far, the firm had not detailed the new features it had improved on its object trackers. She just did it at the beginning of the week in update the product support page. According to the American giant, which wants to avoid abuse, version 2.0.24 now allows iPhone owners to activate the precision search to more easily locate an AirTag of which they are not the owners and which follows them. . This is useful if the sound of the AirTag is difficult to hear or if its speaker has been altered, transformed or not. In addition, the sound signal that an AirTag has been separated from its owner and is nearby will be emitted more quickly. It could possibly be several hours before a victim being spied on realizes this.

As for the 2.0.36 update, which also installs automatically when the AirTag and its owner’s iPhone are nearby, it fixes an accelerometer problem that does not activate under certain conditions. All these new features work as long as you have installed the iOS 16.2 system. Precision research requires an iPhone 11 or later equipped with a U1 Ultra Wideband chip.

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