A study criticizes the significant presence of Chinese products in European 5G networks

European countries seem rather unreceptive to warnings from Washington about the security threats that Chinese suppliers of 5G telecommunications tools would designate. In any case, this is what the specialized firm Strand Consult, based in Copenhagen, seems to regret in its latest study on the 5G Radio Access Networks (RAN) market.

European operators are going through a large number of 5G equipment of Chinese origin

Chinese companies, mainly Huawei and ZTE, would supply 59% of Germany’s 5G RAN equipmenta higher figure than with 4G. Eight European countries, among the most important, out of the 31 covered by the report, are more than 50% equipped with Chinese suppliers. Alarmist, the report notes that Huawei has a stronger market share in Berlin than in Beijingdue to competition from ZTE in China.

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Strand Consult is pleased, however, that 41% of European 5G mobile subscribers use Chinese technology, compared to 51% in the case of 4G. Eleven countries, especially the smaller ones, also have what Strand Consult calls a ” own network »understand without Chinese products. France is a good student with 17% of 5G kit, less than on 4G.

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Credit: Strand Consult

These are the key figures highlighted by Strand Consult on its forthcoming study “The 5G RAN Market in Europe: Share of Chinese and Non-Chinese Suppliers in 31 European Countries”. The firm claims create transparency in the world of telecommunications “.

John Strand, founder of the firm, wishes to warn about the persistent presence of Chinese players in Europe in the 5G RAN sector. He stated to PolicyIt is more dangerous to be dependent on Chinese telecom networks than to be dependent on Russian gas. Digital infrastructure is the foundation of society “.

The United States accuses Huawei products of not being secure, the company denies it

Since 2018, Washington has criticized Huawei and ZTE for being open doors to spying on Beijing. Huawei has always rejected these accusations, criticizing an American discourse above all protectionist. Despite the adoption of laws, under pressure from the United States, to reduce the access of Chinese companies to European telecommunications infrastructures, the market remained important for the latter.

Contacted by Century DigitalHuawei has not responded to our requests at the time of publication.

The report of Strand Consult, particularly severe with ” the lax approach of the German government, is concerned that many of these laws are only very partially implemented. A shared regret, recalls Policywith Committee Vice-Chair Margrethe Vestager in November, “ a number of countries have passed laws, but have not implemented them… Making them work is even better “.

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