A simple whistle is more effective than the Apple Watch Ultra siren

A simple whistle is more effective than the Apple siren

Technology can surprise us many times and make us see things that we could not imagine before, but on other occasions it is easier not to complicate our lives and to opt for what would be more obvious. . And it doesn’t matter if the solution is something completely simple and rudimentary. If it works better and is more efficient, there is no need to think about it anymore. That said, is the Apple Watch Ultra’s siren effective?

The Apple Watch Ultra siren against a whistle

Apple Watch Ultra strap.Apple Watch Ultra strap.

This is the question posed by the guys from The Verge in their analysis of the Apple Watch Ultra. Taking into account that the watch includes a siren-shaped alarm responsible for emitting a loud sound, they wanted to test it live to see exactly how powerful this particular emergency system was.

According to Apple itself, the Apple Watch siren is effective within a range of 180 meters, so the test would serve to verify the company’s official proposals. Said and done, tests carried out showed that the beep could be heard at a maximum of around 200 meters away, so the results even bettered Apple’s official numbers.

However, the interesting choice came with a peculiar comparison, since the reviewers decided to compare the whistle with the sound produced by a simple whistle for only 4 dollars. What was the result? Surely you already imagine it.

A whistle that is heard

Apple Watch Ultra versus WhistleApple Watch Ultra versus Whistle

After following the same path and testing the power of the whistle, they finally found that the effective range of the whistle was not less than 400 meters, so in terms of efficiency and attention, the whistle option was much more efficient. . Does that indicate it’s better than the Watch Ultra’s alarm? and and not.

Let’s interpret the context

Before we turn this into the silly comparison of iPhone and stone, we need to consider that there are many factors when it comes to having to grab attention with a siren. In wind tests, the whistle is obviously more effective and can go further with its sound, but also a flare

You have to take a step back, and even if suddenly you can attract attention with a simple 4 dollar whistle, in a high altitude expedition where respiratory problems have helped, opting for the siren option of the Watch Ultra might be more appropriate. Therefore, we have talked about two solutions that can complement each other, so if you have an Ultra it will not cost you anything to also have a whistle in your pocket.

Source: The Edge (YouTube)

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