A new entry-level version

The Tesla Model Y RWD is not offered as a new model, since it has already been offered for sale in the United States for some time. With us, the first deliveries will begin next December. The Model Y RWD will therefore be content with a single 204 hp and 350 Nm electric motor on the rear axle, allowing it to go from 0 to 100 km/h in 6.9 s and reach a top speed of 217km/h. With the 50 kWh battery, the advertised range varies from 430 to 455 km depending on the rims used. Note that the charging capacity has been reduced to 170 kW instead of 250 kW for the AWD variants.

Tesla Model Y-DR

The price of the Tesla Model Y RWD will start at €49,990. The bad news is that the other versions of the Model Y will see their prices increase: the Long Range will cost 68,345 € (+ 2,355 €) while the Performance will be displayed at 71,005 € (+ 1,005 €).

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