a hot prize with the maximum bonus for Christmas

Tesla grants 3,000 € discount on Model Y in stock. This allows you to take advantage of the maximum bonus with the Propulsion version!

Tesla is playing Santa Claus at the end of the year. A few days ago, we saw discounts of €3,000 on Model 3s in stock. The Model Y was then not affected. But now he is in turn! As for the sedan, SUVs available immediately benefit from a “price readjustment” (the word discount is too common) of 3,000 €.

And this can have another advantage. In the lot, there are Propulsion versions with the starting catalog price of €49,990. By subtracting €3,000, this gives €46,990. However, since this summer, the maximum bonus of €6,000 is granted on vehicles whose acquisition price can go up to €47,000, and no longer €45,000.

So with the rebate, the bonus on this Model Y normally increases from 2,000 to 6,000 €. We note however that the brand’s website did not take this into account, we contacted it to find out more (we should have a quick response).

If the maximum bonus is validated, this gives a Model Y Propulsion at €40,990! A canon price for this model, which announces a mixed WLTP autonomy of 455 km and does not have equipment at a discount. Be careful though, there are few and they go quickly!

If you can’t find Propulsion with the lowest price, the other models still have a €3,000 discount, it’s still interesting, especially with a brand that doesn’t have the habit of selling off its vehicles.

And if you crack and take delivery of a vehicle before December 31, Tesla offers you the equivalent of 10,000 km of recharge on its Superchargers.

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