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Star of sales in France, the Tesla Model Y continues its ascent also in Europe and ends the month of November in the lead.

When you turn one of the most popular cars into an SUV, it will result in the world’s best-selling car. This is the very simplistic conclusion that probably went through Elon Musk’s head last year when he announced that the Tesla Model Y will be the best-selling car in the world. If the road is still long for him, the SUV takes the lead in the European market.

In November, the Tesla Model Y thus climbed to the top step of the podium with a total volume of 19,169 units, according to figures from Dynamic Jato. An increase of +254% compared to the same year last year, when he had just arrived on the Old Continent.

Tesla Model Y, first electric in Europe?

Inevitably, this score is impressive, but we must not forget that the electric SUV is not among the ten best electric cars in October. As usual, Tesla delivers its vehicles in packages, which greatly increases volumes, far ahead of popular vehicles such as the Dacia Sandero or the Peugeot 208.

It will not immediately be the best-selling vehicle in Europe, all categories combined, and even less in the world. In any case, it could very easily win first place in the electric car category in Europe for the whole of 2022. Answer in a few days.

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