A former Tesla wants to revolutionize the boat with a solar electric speedboat

John Vo was a Tesla manager. With his new company, Blue Innovations Group, he has every intention of applying to the shipbuilding industry the recipes that made the success of his former company. On the menu, electrical energy and innovative production techniques.

Credit: Blue Innovations Group

The era of the heat engine is coming to an end, it is a known fact. There is, however, another category of very polluting vehicles which deserves the attention of manufacturers: boats. Blue Innovations Group is a company founded by a former Tesla production manager, John Vo. BIG is about to present the R30, an innovative electric outboard.

In an interview granted to Electrek, Me Vo evokes the reasons which pushed him to launch out in the naval industry: “the electric cars are from now on an established phenomenon, but the electric boats not at all. I want to bring a revolution in this sector “. The bridgehead of this paradigm shift would be the R30: an electric outboard, therefore clean, but efficient and affordable, because mass-produced. The design is no slouch, with a dual-screen dashboard and Yoke steering wheel.

Many design details of the R30 electric outboard are reminiscent of those of Tesla

According to the CEO, “to really act on the environment, you must not build boats by the dozen”. You have to make thousands “. He therefore intends to borrow the production techniques of his former employer. Farewell to fiberglass or carbon shells, and hello to all-aluminum. The electric battery of a 221kWh capacity is an integral part of the structure of the boat. So many new technologies make it possible to extend the life of the outboard.

Credit: Blue Innovations Group

BIG’s R30 will cost $300,000. For this price, you will enjoy all the comfort offered by this type of vehicle. Platforms are arranged all around the boat to enter the water directly. The cabin roof is retractable to capture the sun’s rays and recharge the battery. The two engines of the R30, whose combined power is 800 horsepower, allows it to reach a speed of 72 km/h. The company will present a prototype at CES in Las Vegas, which begins on January 5. The first deliveries of the R30 are expected to arrive in the first quarter of 2024.

Source: Electrek

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