a cheaper ad-funded Xbox Game Pass?

Microsoft is currently offering the best subscription offer to the video game service with its formula Xbox Game Pass. But the global economic context requires the brand to revise its prices from the beginning of next year, so Microsoft is looking for a way to continue to maintain its prices according to a different offer.

Phil Spencer announced it : the prices of Xbox Game Pass and Xbox consoles will still be maintained for this Christmas, but starting early next year, prices will go up.

So that his Xbox Game Pass remains attractive, Microsoft is thus considering new offers. Rumors thus evoke an offer to 2.99€ per month which would offer limited access to games, a 6-month lag for access to titles from Microsoft studios, all of which would also be supported by the distribution of advertising.

A second offer to 21,99€ per month required for 5 players to enjoy access to Xbox Game Pass, ad-free.

This data is the result of a survey conducted by Xbox among players, and these are the proposals that received the most votes.

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