4K Neo QLED TV promo: €500 less for the QE85Q70B at this French merchant!

Good deal news 4K Neo QLED TV promo: €500 less for the QE85Q70B at this French merchant!

The new big promotion we just found on a 4k TV is as huge as the QLED panel it offers. The Samsung QE85Q70B 4K TV does indeed measure 85 inches, but that doesn’t prevent it from losing €500 just before Christmas.

4K QLED TV: Samsung puts its biggest TVs in the spotlight with an essential offer

A few days before Christmas, Samsung is making a great gesture for the French with its biggest 4K OLED, QLED and Neo QLED TV models projected onto the front of the stage. But the one that particularly caught our attention is the 85-inch QE85Q70B, which still loses the colossal sum of €500.

Buy the QE85Q70B TV for €2,299 at Darty

To see this gigantic TV from Samsung proudly enthroned in your living room, you will have to take action before January 10, 2023 inclusive and
complete your file

. The most currently offered is to buy your TV at Darty since it is here that it is the cheapest on the market at €2,799.

With the refund offer offered by Samsung, the QE85Q70B will ultimately cost you €2,299 instead of €2,799.

  • Darty price: 2799€
  • Samsung money back offer

    : – 500€

  • Final price of the QE85Q70B TV: 2299€

Samsung: the QE85Q70B 4K TV in its 85-inch format will give your living room an air of cinema!

If you want to make the most of your PS5 or your Xbox Series X, you have to aim for at least a 4K TV with a refresh rate of 120 Hz. The Samsung QE85Q70B 4K TV seems to tick all the boxes and it even has 4 HDMI 2.1 ports which allow the use of 4K 120 Hz, but also VRR, ALLM and FreeSync Premium Pro technology.

  • VRR / Variable Refresh Rate : Allows your TV to adjust to the number of images per second sent by your console
  • ALLM / Auto Low Latency Mode : Your TV automatically switches to game mode when you play games, allowing your TV to have a very low reaction time.
  • FreeSync Premium Pro : this technology allows your television to eliminate jerky and tearing images. It is linked to AMD and will therefore work on Xbox Series, PS5, but also for a PC with an AMD graphics card.

Sound level, you can count on 20 Watts of power and on Object Tracking Sound Lite (OTS) and Adaptive Sound technologies which allow a dynamic sound allowing itself according to the objects projected on the screen, in order to have a sound result always adapted to what is displayed on the screen. Based on the Tyzen system, it will give you access to many applications such as Netflix and Prime Video.

Buy the QE85Q70B TV for €2,299 at Darty

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