3700 hp to hell! (video)

Lucid Air vs Tesla Model S Plaid vs Bugatti Chiron: Which of the world’s most powerful hypercars (over 3700 hp combined) will win this drag race from hell? Answer in a stunning video!

We propose to have seen everything, or almost, in terms of drag race. You know, this filmed exercise which consisted in sometimes opposing machines to different pedigrees (plane and… F1, for example), sometimes machines with demonic power (all the Porsches together!), in a course in a straight line.

The Youtube channel of the society Hagerty, specialised in prestige car, to push the cork a notch further by bringing together in a same video (below) three of hypercars the most powerful on the market today.

Deja vu, you say? Yes and no since the cast of the day wants to be eclectic in terms of engines. Presentation of the actresses.

More than 3700 horses compete!

You read correctly. The cumulative cavalry of the three engines even amounts to 3736 equines ! On the one hand we have the Lucid AirSapphire. This large 100% electric sedan stands as a direct rival of You’re here from the top of his… 1,216 horsepower !

That’s good, the second candidate is none other than the model more powerful from the range of the Californian manufacturer, the Tesla Model S Blanket. (these two have already faced each other). Under his hood? Four electric motors spreading to all four wheels a power of 1020 hp…

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Three hypercars… and a Ducati

the 0 to 100 km/h ? Swallowed en 2.1 seconds. Impressive, although the current disk belongs to another electric machine. The third thief is called chiron. We no longer present the Bugatti hypercar, which has just revealed yet another exclusive version, with its monstrous W16 1500 hp !

At last, Hagerty throw a fourth machine into the arena: a Ducati Panigale V4 SP2, born the very favorable weight/power ratio indemnify a cavalry in accordance much lower.

Who will win this drag race from hell ? Video answer!

Source: YouTubeHagerty

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