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Before 12e ordinary congress of the Gabonese Democratic Party (PDG) on December 23 and 24 placed under the sign of “rebirth for a united and united CEO”, the Secretary General of this political formation in power, Steeve Nzegho Dieko, exchanged on December 21 with the men and women of the media with the aim of clarifying by itself the gray areas, fixing the outlines, as well as the stakes of this event which will record the participation of the president of the party, Ali Bongo Ondimba.

The Secretary General of the PDG, Steeve Nzegho Dieko, talking with journalists, December 21, 2022 in Libreville. © Facebook.com/pdggabon

While waiting for the big meeting of the Gabonese Democratic Party (PDG) on December 23 and 24, of which he is the main architect, the Secretary General of this political stable in power, Steeve Nzegho Dieko, as part of a press lunch this December 21 in Libreville, designed with journalists from various media. Through interactive exchanges without filter, he outlined the objectives of this ordinary congress, answering at the same time all the questions to which he was entitled.

The 12e ordinary congress of the CEO should, in principle, organize and scrutinize the new orientations of this team before the next presidential election. Better still, he should meet the expectations of the political class, which is still wondering if the leader of the Republican and Social Majority for Emergence (MRSE), leader of the CEO, Ali Bongo Ondimba, will be a candidate for his own succession during the the next presidential election.

For the General Secretary of the PDG, this 12e ordinary congress is explained by the fact that it is a question of “an important moment in the life of any self-respecting political party“. Better, he responds to the texts of this gathering and should, according to him, “open a new political cycle which allows it to approach, with the maximum of confidence and serenity, the big ones of the moment“.

Give a new dynamic

Among these moments, there is the next presidential election for which one still wonders if President Ali Bongo will be a candidate. To the question, Steeve Nzegho Dieko answers: “what you need to know is that according to the statutes and regulations, the natural candidate of our political formation is Ali Bongo Ondimba”. “Is it on this occasion that he will do us the honor of telling us that he will be a candidate? It’s still his magic. But for now, we are focused on achieving success with the Organizing Committee and looking at the functioning of the party together.explained the Secretary-General.

He even points out that it will not only be a question of “celebrating”. “It is a question of reflecting in depth on the operation on the reforms which could be undertaken to give a new dynamic, a new impulse to the CEO“, he said, adding that”beyond this congress, you can imagine, 8 months from the presidential election, it is also good to give a new impetus to our troops, new directives to our troops and certainly on this occasion, a new governance“.

New people would therefore have joined the CEO’s board and would certainly have the mission of preparing and leading future elections in the country, while ensuring the proper functioning of this 54-year-old political group.

Be that as it may, the “CEOs” will have to take advantage of this 12e congresses to watch the functioning of their stable which is now trying to find a new dynamic.

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